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Pink cushion cover / Pink candle / Elephant money box / Classic alarm clock / Silver pot / Silver vase / Grey stripe mug / Wooden fruit bowl / Pineapple dish /

Jul 13th, 2014

White long sleeve top / Grey pencil skirt / Orange top / Blue shoes

Jul 11th, 2014

From one girl to another, Glamour magazine are giving away Clinique mini chubby sticks, moisturiser and mascara! You are welcome! 
The colours of the sticks are ‘06 Woppin Watermelon’ (lighter pink) and ‘07 Super Strawberry’ (darker pink). If you haven’t heard of Clinique Chubby Sticks  you are either a boy or been living under a rock. This is such a good give away because the price of the full size crayon is £17! 
My favourite shade of the two sticks is the paler pink, Wopping Watermelon. The sticks are so good and I fully understand the hype now. I thought they were a little pricey for a coloured balm and couldn’t let myself spend £17 to ‘try’ it out but at £2 why the heck not. I have a weird love for make-up packaging and i am guilty of judging a book by it’s cover. I am drawn to luxurious looking things and the rich pinks with the metallic bottom definitely ticks the box for pretty packaging. The actual product is labelled as a coloured balm which I love. Two products in one is quite smart. The colour has a good pigment- much like a decent quality lip stick but a balmy texture and feels smooth instead of sticky and gloss-like. For sure a 10/10 and repurchase. 
The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ was a ‘why not’ buy at the mere price of £2. I have dry skin so I go through a ridiculous amount of moisturiser and creams, constantly trying new things. This is only a tiny bottle at 15ml so I only applied it to my T-zone in the evening before bed and holy cow it is amazing. Again, kudos Clinique on the pretty packaging and pulling me in, I may be converted to the Clinique way of life. I hate it when creams smell. Even if it smells of flowers, fruity, whatever. It’s just not something I want from a cream. This cream doesn’t smell of anything at all so I was happy about that. The consistency is thick which made me hopefully it felt pretty ‘heavy duty’. My skins felt silky smooth! The cream claims to ‘strengthen skins own moisture barrier. Moisture stays in. Skin feels soft and springy’. Not a single lie there. Tick, tick and tick again. A full size bottle costs £29, so perhaps this would have to be a treat. If you’re fortunate enough to not live on a tight student budget, then definitely consider this product. 
I didn’t pick up the free mascara as I have countless mini mascara products and need to work through them! I most certainly don’t need more of those.
Another tip from one girl to another- in the magazine is a double page spread on a new beauty box from Glamour. They’ve teamed up with Latest in Beauty and filled a limitied number of boxes with amazing goodies at a hugely discounted price. Go to their website to get yours for £17 free p&p (worth over £86). It includes all sorts, Hawaiian Tropic sun cream, cream blush, Toni & Guy whip- everything you want, basically. I’ve ordered mine and reviews will follow once I’ve tried the products. HURRY AND GET IT BEFORE THEY GO!

Jul 9th, 2014


In Boots right now, No7 have this great free gift when you buy any 2 products from their range. I was lucky enough to get this absolutely free (cheeky!) as my boyfriend’s mum didn’t want it.
Firstly, the nail colour. Such a great blue (this shade is ‘duck egg blue’) and looks great on. As I’m really pale I was worried it would wash me out but it’s just an all round good pastel shade for the summer season. I think the colour might be an exclusive to the gift set as it isn’t listed online and has a limited edition sticker on the lid. I have a lot of these No7 Stay Perfect (here) nail colours, and although they aren’t the longest lasting and do tend to chip, I find their shades very pleasing. They have a good consistency so that only two coats of colour are needed plus a top coat to protect. 
I have never seen the BB Lips from No7 before and I think it might be a new thing for them. It goes on so smoothly and the colour is a nice subtle pink which is great for the minimal summer look. Let’s be honest, less is more. I don’t like lipgloss and I was worried it would be that kind of product, but it is more of a balm with colour. Really like it.
I have endless No7 mini mascaras from these free gifts. I’ll be honest and say I’m never impressed with them. They are good for the first few applications and then they dry out really easily. I don’t have high hopes for this waterproof one lasting. I tend to opt for Max Factor mascaras as they always deliver. 
I was surprised to see such a dark brown eye shadow in the gift set. I would have liked to see a cream, white or pale shade to make the eyes appear brighter; however, a dark shadow is always a good keeper and go-to for a smoky eye or just for the crease to add depth. 
All in all, I am very pleased with this free gift! It is great value and you don’t even need to buy much from the No7 range to get it for yourself! Hurry before they sell out.

Jul 8th, 2014